Raising Ziggy is a response to cries from friends and family to start a blog about motherhood. But this is not a ‘here is my son and oh my god I love him’ type of blog (although he is my son and I do love him), no, this is a blog about navigating the roller-coaster that is being a first time mum.

Hours after giving birth.

Hours after giving birth.

This is a blog, not just about the good stuff, the positive birth experience, the first smiles, the joy on my mums face when I told her she was going to be a grandparent. No, this is also a blog about the difficulties I faced, difficulties that I think many mothers face. This is a blog about battling pain while breastfeeding, about how hard it is to just get up and have a shower at the start of each day, about struggling to accept the new body I now have after giving birth. About poo, about snot, about getting pee’d on, regularly.


Me to Ziggy, me too.

I promise to be honest, and I promise not to sugar-coat it.  Because I want other mums out there to know that they are not alone in what they may be feeling.  They are not the only ones struggling. They are not the only ones who haven’t slept, have no time to eat, can’t fit their clothes.

It's not all bad. Sometimes your heart just wants to explode with love.

It’s not all bad. Sometimes your heart just wants to explode with love.

So, I’ll give you the positive, and the negative, and I will be honest and true. And in return, please read, please comment, and if you know of any mums out there that may need to read some of this too, please share.